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  Teacher: Which is farther away---Australia or the moon?Bobby: Australia.Teacher: Why do you say that?Bobby:We can see the moon, but we can't see Australia.


  Mother: Freddie, why is your face so red?Freddie: I was running up the street to stop a fight.Mother: That's a very nice thing to do. Who was fighting?Freddie: Me and Jackie Smith.


  One day after school the teacher said to his students, "Tomorrow morning, if any one of you can answer my first question, I will permit him or her to home

  earlier."The next day, when the teacher came into the classroom, he found the blackboarddaubed(涂抹) . He was very angry and asked, "Who did it? Please stand up!" "It's me," said Bob, "Now, I can home. od-bye, Sir."

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