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A mysterious letter 一封神秘的信

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  A mysterious letter 一封神秘的信

  I don't like to inquire(询问,查究) too curiously into your affairs, said the lady to her husband. But something's been bothering me for days.So? said the husband, Tell me all about it.You t a letter last Friday, the lady said. It was perfumed. It was in a girl's handwriting. I saw you oped it, you broke into a sweat. You turned white. Your hands trembled…For odness'sake, who was it from and what did it say?Oh, that, said the husband. I decided it was best for both of us not to talk about it at the time.For heaven's sake, screamed the woman. Tell me who it was from and what it said.Okay, said the husband. It was from your dress shop. It said you owe them $740.


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